Exciting news

Here in the research department of XWiki SAS, which you may know as the CryptPad team, we take our work very seriously. Each day of the week, we do our best to deliver features which will solve real problems for real users. For a team of three full-time developers, that means covering a lot of ground.

  • we correspond with users who report issues, to track down bugs and identify usability issues
  • we write a lot, and not just code, but also documentation, technical reports for our generous sponsors, and promotional materials so that more people can benefit from our software
  • we take risks every day, building systems which others might have dismissed as impossible…

Why we do it

We work to build new tools, because we recognize that the world around us is always changing. We know that our users navigate new challenges all the time, and we want to be there to help. Ultimately, we all share the same world, and we want to make the most of it.

We’ve put a lot of ourselves into this project, because we want to push the state of the art forward. While it’s a very small team that develops CryptPad directly, we couldn’t do it without the support of XWiki SAS, and their willingness to take the risk of developing new technologies. Currently, our funding covers only 50% of our expenses, but we’ve been confident that it would lead to better things in the future.

Which brings us to what we’d like to announce…

Our new sponsors!

We’ve been offering up new features, which you’ve been noticing, and others have noticed that you’ve noticed. Major industry players have taken an interest in what we’ve been doing, and they’ve decided to commit to the Zero Knowledge Revolution.

What this means

Our hard work has paid off! We’re going to keep working on CryptPad, albeit with a little more stability.

We’re really excited to be working with our new financiers who have historically had a somewhat “tarnished” image in the security community, but we feel that now is the time for us and the NSA to work together and make Zero Knowledge a household name.

A high ranking official who must for the time being remain anonymous, has said that Zero Knowledge is the future and improving our algorithms to use more unbreakable AES cryptography is a high priority.

Our team is going to expand from 3 full time developers, to 60. This is also going to give us more time to polish up some features we’ve been waiting to announce:

  • New serverless architecture, all you need to do is connect to the internet and the NSA will collect your data automatically
  • Total encryption, including metadata. Cryptpad will be completely anonymous, since it will be primarily offline, we won’t have access to information about your location or activity. We’ll be handing this off to the NSA’s best cryptanalysts and mathematicians.
  • Full text search on encryped data, using quantum homomorphic encryption. Find everything all the time, in real time, with friends or alone
  • We will slowly rewrite our codebase in Rust-lang over the next several months
  • We will offer a new service to recover lost pads. If you’ve ever sent the link to the pad in an email, the NSA will be able to access the pad for you
  • All of this is going to become available under the more permissive MIT License. It will continue to be open source, but we hope this will drive more adoption in the business sector, even among enterprises which adhere to the proprietary software business model

We’ve been preparing this deal for some time, but we haven’t been able to talk about it while it was still under negotiation. With most of that out of the way, we’re very happy to be able to finally share this news with you!