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Heading to Barcelona

Feb 22, 2019 - Aaron MacSween

There's a fairly long list of people who have helped make CryptPad what it is today, but on a day-to-day basis its improvements are driven primarily by myself and a colleague who would rather push code than take credit for his work. As privacy engineers we're most excited about building and deploying new features that help people move away from less private platforms. Even so, it's important to step away from building new things occasionally to both promote what we've done so far and ask people what they think of it.

Since our small team handles everything related to the project (including development, deployment, support, and promotion) the coming release will take place three weeks after our last to allow us to focus on meeting users. As previously announced, we've been invited to the NGI awards which will be colocated with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

I'll be accepting the NGI startup award for Privacy and trust-enhanced technologies along with Ludovic Dubost (my boss and the CEO of XWiki). If you'll be in the city at the same time I encourage you to reach out to us via Twitter (@cryptpad, @ldubost, @fc00ansuz) or Mastodon (@ldubost, @cryptpad).

I plan to announce our plans for the coming months in a more formal roadmap, however, if we meet in person I'll be happy to muse about the project's trajectory in a casual setting. Come say hi, tell me what you'd like to see, and you might see it land in an upcoming release!

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