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May 2021 status: Communities wrap up and initial work on Forms

May 26, 2021 - David Benqué

This month we released CryptPad 4.5.0, featuring the public debut of the Calendar application that was in beta since 4.4.0.

We reached a couple of milestones this month with over 100K registered users on cryptpad.fr, the end of the Communities project, and the start of Interoffice (DAPSI).

The calendar application shown in dark mode, now ready for public use!

Wrapping up the Communities project

Besides Calendars, CryptPad 4.5.0 also introduced restricted registrations for administrators who want to limit access to their instance.

On the documentation side, version 4.5.0 was in fact the first complete release with all three guides: User, Developer, and the new Administrator guide with instructions to install and maintain a CryptPad instance in production. Additionally, admins can now check that their installation is complete and well configured with an improved /checkup/ page.

The documentation GitHub repo remains open for feedback and/or contributions, and please see Weblate for translations of the User Guide (note that the developer and admin guides are in English only to keep translation of the user guide manageable).

Restricted registrations and the admin guide were the remaining two deliverables for the Communities project. For a summary of all features implemented for this project over the last few months, visit our public roadmap and filter with the "communities" tag.

While we are on the topic of wrapping up projects, Aaron took part in the 6th NGI TRUST Results Webinar and summarised our work for that project which we completed last February

Preparations for Forms

With some projects completed we can now turn another major milestone ahead: the Dialogue project and a new app: Forms. This will allow for the creation of surveys and questionnaires with use-cases ranging from finding a meeting date to conducting research in a secure and private manner. We are only in the initial stages of development but once completed the Forms app will gradually replace our current Polls and their many shortcomings (such as anyone being able to modify anyone else's answers). If you use Polls currently, rest assured that the new app will provide the same functionality and more. The migration strategy remains to be finalised but existing Polls will remain available through the transition.


Finally, the team took part in a couple of events this month. Ludovic Dubost was interviewed about INTEROFFICE, our upcoming project as part of the DAPSI grant.

CryptPad was featured as part the of the 3rd Workshop on Obfuscation, a fascinating online event running on open-source software. We presented the poster below in the exhibition space. Click for the PDF version.

The CryptPad poster presented at the workshop

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