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September 2022 status: The team keeps growing

David Benqué - 29 Sept 2022

5.1 release

This month we released CryptPad 5.1 that includes:

  • New features for instance adminstrators. We added a "Database" tab in the admin panel that makes it easier to review metadata on user accounts and documents in cases where malicious activity is reported.
  • New translations in Spanish and Portugese (Portugal) thanks to the work of volunteers.
  • Many smaller improvements and bug fixes such as asciidoc syntax highlighting in Code documents.

The team keeps growing

We're happy to welcome Theo to the team starting in October. He has recently completed a master in cyber security at ETH Zurich. Theo will relocate to Paris for 6 months to work on documenting the use of cryptography in CryptPad and pave the way for future developments.

We are also happy to announce that we have signed with antoher new hire, a senior developer from Germany. We will give more details on this when they join the team full-time in January 2023.

Next up

We took advantage of the XWiki seminar hackathon last week to set up a new forum for CryptPad using Flarum. We will be sharing the details shortly. This new forum will centralize discussions around CryptPad, part living documentation part pre-roadmap for the project.

Calendar improvements didn't quite make it into 5.1, but they are coming along nicely. The much-requested feature of recurring events will defintely be part of the next release, and deployed to Cryptpad.fr before that.

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