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November 2021 status: Talks and testimonials

Nov 24, 2021 - David Benqué

This month we released some minor fixes with 4.12.1. We have been busy making preparations for the upcoming upgrade to OnlyOffice 6.4.2. This will include the much-requested conditional formatting in Sheets and dark mode support. We have also spent time considering strategy and long-term goals as we prepare the project website, which brings us to:

Call for project site testimonials

As we have mentioned before we are currently working on a project website for CryptPad. This will be used to promote the project and to better communicate the distinction between CryptPad and cryptpad.fr (the flagship instance).

The new site will include a public instance list, new pricing for hosted instances, and pages tailored to various sectors such as NGOs, education, and enterprise.

We are planning to include testimonials on the site. If you use CryptPad and have a few minutes to share some words of support using our new survey, that would be much appreciated.

Recent and upcoming talks

Ludovic presented CryptPad at the Campus du Libre on 6th November in Lyon. We don't have video (yet) but the slides are online (in French).

David will present CryptPad to a healthcare and free software audience on December 10th as part of GNU Health Con 2021.

Promotion image for CryptPad at GNU Health Con 2012

That's it for this month. We are looking forward to launching the new OnlyOffice editors, you will probably read about that in the next status update.

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