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May 2024 status

30 May 2024 - Fabrice Mouhartem - David Benqué

🚀 Minor release 2024.3.1

This month we released CryptPad 2024.3.1 with some improvements for OnlyOffice applications and various other fixes and translations. Please see the full release notes for details.

🧪 Blueprints R&D site launched

roadmap diagram on the Blueprints website

We are happy to announce that we completed the CryptPad Blueprints project and launched our Research & Development website which we will be the home for all CryptPad related research going forward.

Blueprints is a project funded by NGI Zero by NLNet to survey the state of the cryptography, ease of access of CryptPad, and propose some improvements. We already published some of the ressources on this blog, such as the whitepaper and a good practices guide. However, these were just a fraction of the full research now accessible on the blueprints website

This website shows our analysis of CryptPad, a user-stories based needs analysis and their relations to proposed solutions (some of which are already live) as well as some prototyping of missing features such as password recovery or the use of CRDTs to pave the way toward offline-first editing.

We will maintain this website and update it when we conduct new research so expect to hear more about Blueprints in future!

🔭 Next up

  • The team is at work on the 2024.6.0 release planned for the end of June
  • After the talk at the Journées du Logiciel Libre in Lyon, Fabrice will be giving talks about CryptPad at:
  • Andreea will join us for an internship at the start of next month

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