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No one cares about open-source, until …

If you follow privacy news, you have probably heard that Skiff, an end-to-end encrypted productivity suite, announced that it has been acquired by Notion. We could not resist chiming in since Skiff was compared with CryptPad in the past.

15 Feb 2024

Our future is collaborative

For anyone that doesn't have the time or interest to read the rest of this article, the short version is that the CryptPad team has received a 50000 Euro grant from NLnet foundation. This funding will be directed towards the design and development of team-centric features in a project we're calling CryptPad Teams.

27 May 2019

CryptPad Roadmap

CryptPad was started as an experimental platform as part of the OpenPaaS::NG research project. Since then it has developed into a suite of editors for many different types of documents, all without ever leaking the content that you edit to the server or the server operators.

13 Jul 2018

CryptPad - use it, love ❤️ it, support it

It's been another release day in our little team. Today we released CryptPad v1.7.0 (Hodag). The biggest new feature in this version is that when you create a /code/ pad, the default highlighting is in markdown syntax and there it is rendered in realtime while you type.

23 May 2017

Funding CryptPad

CryptPad started as a novel idea: provide a means for people to collaborate on the web, without their data being exposed to the server that connects them

20 Apr 2017

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